Agenda Item #11



APRIL 9 – APRIL 11, 2018


SUBJECT:    Officer Leaves of Absence


Should an AFA LEC or MEC Officer be afforded the option of taking a voluntary Leave of Absence from the responsibilities and duties of elected office?

SOURCE AND DATE SUBMITTED:       Strategic Planning Committee – March 9, 2018


Currently, there is no existing constitutional language to provide a mechanism for Local Officers or MEC Officers to take a voluntary leave of absence (LOA) so as to attend to personal issues, illnesses, maternity/paternity, or care of family members.

The purpose of this agenda item is to determine if new provisions should be added to the Constitution and Bylaws (C&B) to provide for this.

For many years, AFA has fought to include LOA’s in Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA’s) so as to provide our members time away from work to attend to caring for themselves or their families.  This agenda item would provide a similar ability to LEC or MEC Officers.

It is important to emphasize that this would be of a voluntary nature, and the decision to apply would be completely a decision of the individual LEC or MEC Officer.

This agenda item would enshrine LOA language as a constitutional provision.  This would provide a legitimate vehicle and create a “safe space” for LEC or MEC Officers to take an LOA, if so needed and desired.  This would enable an Officer to eliminate the conflict of conducting representational activities while trying simultaneously to address a situation that is causing the need and desire for the LOA.  It would also establish a structure and process to eliminate confusion of “who’s in charge” and also allow for the individual Officer to focus on addressing the situation while on LOA.

In referring to the situation that is causing the need and desire for an LOA, this could be to address a significant medical condition, treatment, or some other non-medical matter.  The situation could be acute (short-term) or chronic (multiple LOA’s).  It could be for a Maternity or Paternity LOA.

With respect to duration, an LOA from LEC or MEC Officer responsibilities for 30-90 days would be considered reasonable.  There would definitely be a distinction between “time off” and “leave of absence.”  This would not envision brief time periods such as “on vacation” or a “death in family.”  It would also not be envisioned to be an extended portion of a three-year term.

With respect to process, the individual Officer would notify and consult with the Director of EAP, then decide upon notifications to members, MEC Officers, other LEC’s, and management.  Additionally, there would be a process to establish clarity around who has the authority to make decisions while an LEC or MEC President is on an LOA.


WHEREAS, many AFA Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA’s) contain provisions for members to take a voluntary leave of absence (LOA) from their position as a Flight Attendant, yet our Constitution and Bylaws (C&B) does not contain similar provisions for our elected LEC and MEC Officers; and,

WHEREAS, including an LOA provision with in the C&B affords LEC and MEC Officers an ability to take an approved voluntary leave for the purpose of addressing a personal situation; and,

WHEREAS, a process would be established that enables LEC or MEC Officers to “leave” and “return,” and would clarify who has decision-making authority during the LOA;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that a new Section I.H. be added as follows:

Section I.H. – Leave of Absence from Elected Office

  1. Any LEC or MEC Officer, may, upon proper notice on the AFA Leave form provided to the Director of EAP, take a leave of absence from the duties and responsibilities of their respective elected position. Such leave of absence, available in 30 day increments for up to 90 days, will be taken on a voluntarily basis.  An Officer taking a Leave shall not be eligible to receive any Flight Pay Loss or reimbursement of personal expenses for the duration of the Leave.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the remaining Sections I through S be re-lettered accordingly; and,

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, the International Secretary-Treasurer will work with the Director of EAP to define the applicable procedures, and submit these to the Executive Board for their approval.


Agenda Item              11 

Committee                 3

Subject:    Elected Officer – Leaves of Absence – Union Work


The Committee recommends the resolution be adopted as proposed.


Signature:      Anita Jwanouskos, Committee Chairperson


Action Taken by the Board:            

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___X___Adopted Unanimously        Date:   4/10/18        Time: 5:18 pm

_______Adopted as Amended

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