Agenda Item #8



APRIL 9 – APRIL 11, 2018


SUBJECT:    Dual Unionism (Article X.A.1.)


Should Article X.A.1. be amended to include dual unionism as a reason for expulsion?

SOURCE AND DATE SUBMITTED:       Strategic Planning Committee – March 9, 2018


The primary purpose of this amendment is to insert a technical correction into the AFA C&B.

The concept of “dual unionism” is most definitely more than merely “belonging” to another union, or just maintaining membership in another union.  This new provision is addresses an additional type of dual unionism, whereby an individual is functioning, being or acting as an officer, leader, or proponent of an adversary union.  For example, it is certainly permissible for an AFA member to also be a member of a Union for Nurses.  Conversely, it would be inappropriate for an AFA member to be a member or leader in another Flight Attendant Union, especially if there was any competition or question about bargaining rights.

This provision is meant to protect our Union from any individual member taking action to interfere with collective bargaining rights.

This is referred to as a “technical correction” as the provision currently exists within the CWA Constitution, so per our AFA-CWA Merger Agreement, this provision currently applies to AFA members.

The reason for including the specific language in the AFA C&B is to ensure it is clearly explained, available and visible to anyone to whom it may apply.  This is not to be confused with an individual acting as a lifetime member of AFA who is also an officer in another Flight Attendant Union.


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that a new Article X.A.1. be amended to include a new Article X.A.1.j.  be added as follows:

  1. j. Willfully supporting or assisting any other labor organization in connection with a claim of jurisdiction in conflict with the jurisdiction of the Union; or willfully supporting or assisting any person, group of persons or organization in any act or activities for the purpose of seeking or obtaining the replacement of the Union as collective bargaining representative.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the remaining sections of Article X.A.1.j. through Article X.A.1.l. be renumbered;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Article X.C. should be amended as follows:

C. Status of an Accused Member

Status of an accused member in good standing may not be changed until all actions, hearings and appeals set forth in Section D. and F. of this Article have been completed and final adjudication provided, or the time limit for any appeal has expired.  A member in such cases shall be afforded full protection and services of the Union, provided that such member’s financial obligation to the Union remains current.  This provision does not apply in the event of a finding that a violation of Article X.A.1.j. occurred.

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