Resolution to Restore Travel Benefits for American Eagle Flight Attendants



MAY 23-24, 2016


Floor Resolution #2 – Resolution to Restore Travel Benefits for American Eagle Flight Attendants

WHEREAS, US Airways and American Airlines agreed to merge in February 2013 with US Airways CEO Doug Parker to assume the position of CEO of the merged airline; and,

WHEREAS, that merger affected not only AFA members at US Airways but also AFA members at Envoy, Piedmont, PSA, Air Wisconsin, Mesa and Compass  Airlines who fly under the American Eagle brand; and,

WHEREAS, prior to the merger with American Airlines, employees for the regional airlines flying as US Airways Express who qualified for retirement received retiree benefits on mainline US Airways; and,

WHEREAS, in addition to retiree benefits, those employees received travel benefits for employee plus spouse and 8 buddy passes per year at an annual cost of $75 for a single employee and $125 for a family; and,

WHEREAS, the new American Airlines, under the direction of Doug Parker, implemented changes to the travel policy, eliminating retiree and buddy passes for non-wholly owned Regional carriers; and,

WHEREAS, they continue to charge the same annual amount and, in addition are charging an additional per usage fee for access to these reduced benefits; and,

WHEREAS, this disparity between benefits available to those Regional Flight Attendants who are representing the American brand and their mainline counterparts is an ongoing example of why we must Bridge the Gap,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the 2016 AFA-CWA Board of Directors calls on Doug Parker to restore the retiree and buddy pass travel benefits that have been lost by the Flight Attendants serving within the American Eagle brand.

Adopted Unanimously by the Board of Directors, May 24, 2016