Agenda Item # 24

APRIL 28 – 30, 2015



SUBJECT:    Transfer of Membership (Article III.A.1.)


Should there be clarification to the process by which a member may transfer membership to another Council?

SOURCE AND DATE SUBMITTED:      International President – February 27, 2015


This issue surfaced at an MEC in August 2014, when two members wished to transfer their membership pending an announced surplus at their domicile. Specifically, the members involved wanted to remain in their existing Council, instead of moving to the other Council on the effective date of their surplus the other domicile.

The MEC determined that approval of a transfer of membership before the actual surplus took place was premature, and that the request should be made after the surplus becomes effective. As such, the request in the form of an MEC Agenda Item was rule out of order.

This interpretation of waiting until after the surplus becomes effective introduces potential inconveniences to members who would have a break in membership in one Council, an abbreviated membership in the “new” Council, then a return to their previous Council from where they were surplused.

Consideration could be given to a tentative approval, effective on the date of the surplus

The specific request for transfer of membership in August 2014 involved a Local President and a Council Representative, both of whom wished to remain part of their current “pre-surplus” Council. These two Local Officers discussed their situation at Local Council Meetings and members provided significant support of the Local Officers’ applications to transfer their membership and remain in their elected positions.

While the company-announced surplus was subsequently canceled, had it taken effect, these two members would have endured not only the inconvenience that all other members would experience, but would also have been removed from their elected positions. This would have created vacancies at a Council where members had voiced a desire to retain their currently elected Local Officers.


WHEREAS, Article III.A.1. does not currently address a procedure for transfer of membership in the case of upcoming events such as a surplus; and,

WHEREAS, implementing a procedure to enable a seamless transfer of membership in the event of a surplus or other similar event;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Article III.A.1. be amended as follows:

  1. Establishment of Local Councils

The basis of determination of the number and location of Local Councils shall be the geographical extent of an airline, the routes, the domicile locations, and the number of members involved, and shall be subject to change from time to time to expedite Union affairs, and to give adequate representation to all members. No more than one (1) Local Council on any one (1) airline shall be located in any one (1) city, town, or village, except when the operation of a part or parts of the airline are of a character presenting a marked difference in operating technique and procedures, in which event more than one (1) Local Council may, with the consent of the Executive Board, be so established. Unless otherwise approved by the Master Executive Council, a member must belong to the Local Council at the domicile where that member holds a bid. All requests to belong to a Council other than where a member holds a bid must be made to the Master Executive Council in writing stating specific reasons for said request. In the event of a Flight Attendant surplus from one domicile to another, tentative approval may be granted, contingent upon the actual surplus taking place. If no Local Council exists at a domicile, the Master Executive Council shall assign such member to a Local Council.


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Date:   4/29/15           

Time:  6:10 p.m.




Agenda Item #           24

Committee #               6


Subject:                      Transfer of Membership (Article III.A.1.)



The Committee recommends the resolution not be adopted.



Signature:      Todd Failla                    

                        Committee Chairperson



Action Taken by the Board:      Voice     X          Division of the House           Roll Call        


_______Adopted                               Date:   4/30/15                        Time:  11:20 am

_______Adopted as Amended

     X     Not Adopted


_______Recommitted to Agenda Committee