List of Agenda Items

Agenda Items for 2018 Meeting

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Agenda Item # 1 2018-2019 AFA-CWA Proposed Annual Budget
Agenda Item #2 Ada Brown Nomination Due Date (Section I.L.2.)
Agenda Item #3 Budget Corrections at Year-end (Section IV.G.3.)
Agenda Item #4 Committees of BOD – Email Addresses Only (Article V.L.4.)
Agenda Item #5 Continuing Committees – Elections (Section XIV)
Agenda Item #6 Council Meetings – Electronic Methods (Article III.D.)
Agenda Item #7 Council Rep – Adding or Removing – Clarification (Article III.C.1.c.)
Agenda Item #8 Dual Unionism (Article II.G.)
Agenda Item #9 Dues Coupon Booklets – Eliminate (Article XI.B.5.)
Agenda Item #10 Dues Deferral (Article II.C.1.b.(4))
Agenda Item #11 Elected Officer – Leaves of Absence – Union Work
Agenda Item #12 Elected Officer – Position Abandonment
Agenda Item #13 Election – Nomination Process (Article VIII.C.)
Agenda Item #14 Election Category Assigned by EB at Time of Establishment (Article III.A.3.a.)
Agenda Item #15 Election Handbook Reference (Article VIII.D.)
Agenda Item #16 Election Timelines – Shortened (Article VIII.C & Section I.G.)
Agenda Item #17 Filling Vacancies at Transitional Councils (Article III A.2.d.)
Agenda Item #18 Elections – DME of MEC Officers
Agenda Item #19 Elections – Running for Multiple Positions (Article VIII.C.1.f.)
Agenda Item #20 Exec Board – Expand Date Window of Regular Meeting (Article VI.C.1.)
Agenda Item #21 Local Council – Dissolution (Article III.A.5.)
Agenda Item #22 Local Council – Establishment (Section I.I.) 
Agenda Item #23 Membership Contact Information (Section II.K.)
Agenda Item #24 Petition Recall – Single Person (Article III.D.9.)
Agenda Item #25 BOD Meetings – Cities in which BOD Meetings are Scheduled